Launch Plan


Landrush Period & TM Claims: 17th June’13 – 30th July’13

Gear yourselves for this limited time opportunity, open to anyone that wants to seize the chance to register short, generic, premium names in .IN.NET.
This is not a first-come first-served system – domain names that receive multiple applications proceed to an auction. The domain is finally allocated to the highest bidder in the auction. Learn More…

Special Provision for Trademark Holders

The .IN.NET Landrush also has a unique provision for trademark holders. If a trademark holder submits a Landrush application with the required trademark information, he will be given preference over other applicants. This provision is offered by the .IN.NET Registry. Registrars can decide if they also wish to give their customers the opportunity to submit trademark details or accept pure Landrush orders (with no-trademark information) only.

General Availability: 1st August’13

First-come, first-served registrations open on 1st August. No documentation, no restrictions, simply grab the .IN.NET name of your choice from your preferred Registrar!

If you are interested in Reselling / buying .IN.NET Domains, leave your contact details here and we will keep you posted.